Miner-All and Vit-All are used by professionals and trusted by Veterinarians. Get some today!!

Vit-All Breeder Bag

After years of herpetologists and breeders raving about how well Miner-all works, the demand for a comparable vitamin formula to use with it has been met. Vit-All is an exceptional insect and rodent gut-load for a litany of scientific reasons.

Through extensive research and development, we discovered that dusting vitamins onto prey insects or rodents isn't fully effective because several essential ingredients, such as beta carotene, don't work well in a dust form. The beadlet required to keep beta carotene stable when exposed to oxygen is far too large to stick to any feeder prey.

We also learned that many species of reptile are sensitive to excess amount of synthetic vitamin A, something commonly found in most other reptile vitamin supplements.

Additionally we also learned that vitamins and minerals, when packaged together, degrade each other over a short period of time.

Therefore, we package Vit-All and Miner-All separately to preserve the integrity of both products. We created Vit-All as a separate product to work with Miner-All in forming an extremely effective diet supplementation regiment.

The breeder bag version of Vit-All is a whopping 6-pounds! You save over $129 when you buy a breeder bag, versus the equivalent number of 4-ounce cans. That's 54% off the retail price!

Vit-All was developed after tremendous research into the vitamins and amino acids essential to the well being of all reptiles and amphibians. Interestingly, we discovered that the best delivery method was to use Vit-All as a gut-load for feeder insects and rodents, not as a dusting.

Feeder insects raised in captivity are essentially sterile and of reduced nutritional value. This is where Vit-All saves the day!

Feeder prey, both insects and rodents, relish the fresh ingredients in Vit-All. You'll likely even see crickets frothing at the mouth while they consume it...literally. 

The key is that vitamins consumed from a dusted prey item are not nearly as absorbable as vitamins consumed from eating a prey item that consumed the vitamins ahead of time. Did you follow that? It's an amazing concept.

In order to get a natural source of Vitamin A, the beta carotene in Vit-All is freshly activated for 24 hours due to the unique addition of water to melt the lipid (fat cell) off the beta carotene beadlet that preserves its freshness.

Beta carotene builds immunity, and is a powerful antioxidant that improves immune function and promotes mucous membrane health which helps reduce upper respiratory infections.

In fact, dietary intake of beta carotene can enhance cell-mediated immune responses. Gut loading insects and rodents is the best way to introduce the proper amount of vitamins to all reptiles and amphibians.

For a balanced diet, Vit-All is recommended for use in combination with our Miner-All calcium and mineral powder.