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Pure Minerals and Vitamins

Safe, High-Quality, Human Grade Reptile Calcium Powder Minerals and Vitamins by Sticky Tongue Farms


We've been using Miner-All and Vit-All for the last two years. Our frogs and toads love it, and so do we!


I have a lot of experience with reptiles and amphibians and this is the best calcium powder I've tried. It's perfect in every way. I recommend it to all my customers, who can't praise it enough. I buy it by the sack load!

Steve M.

I have a reptile and he loves Miner-All. I'm glad that it's gentle on his stomach and packed with everything he needs to stay healthy. Miner-All is the best calcium powder out there!

Mary S.

"I Just wanted to let you know that I had a Leopard Tortoise who wasn't doing so hot over the summer, and a large Dumeril's Monitor who was just kind of going down hill recently. Miner-All Outdoor perked them both right up and it was overnight.

Amazing stuff!

Steven F.